Economic Calendar

The economic calendar is something that every trader should have at hand, regardless of the professionalism and experience of trading on the stock exchange. The economic calendar of market events takes into account all important changes on it and collects all forecasts from experts. This helps not only to react to changes in a timely manner, but also to prepare for them as early as possible.

The essence of the economic calendar

The trader’s economic calendar is practically a chronology of economic events of a global nature and at the same time a list of current exchange news, which are sorted by their significance levels.

The movement of the value of the official currency of any state is influenced by such fundamental factors as:

  • consumer price index;
  • GDP growth;
  • retail sales, etc.

It is very easy to verify this for yourself, simply by comparing the charts of the value of trading instruments on any trading platform with when these indicators came out. That is why the economic calendar of foreign exchange market news provides rich food for thought and building the most profitable trading strategies. For both beginners and professional traders, the online economic calendar is a mass of useful information that fully reveals the state of the world markets.

On the FutureFX website, you will find all the most important events on the international market in the main economically significant world centers, as well as expert forecasts for them. Our task is to draw up such an economic calendar for traders, which will be the best of the existing ones.

Reliability of the economic calendar

This calendar of economic events is one of the most voluminous, relevant and most accurate calendars that exist today in the foreign exchange market. Our team of professional economists, analysts and editors are constantly updating data to keep you updated. A large number of brokers recommend our economic news calendar as one of the most accurate and effective trading tools.

To trade in the foreign exchange market based on the analysis of the fundamental spectrum, you must constantly be aware of everything that is happening in various world economies, especially what is happening with macroeconomic indicators. But still, the focus should be on the economy of the country whose currency you trade more often and more actively.

The online trader’s economic calendar, always open on your computer, will be your constant assistant in winning the stock exchange. Even if you are not very interested in macroeconomic news, it will still be useful to you.

An online calendar of economic events will help you protect yourself from any unpleasant surprises. With its help, you will always be aware of important reports and, accordingly, understand when surges in volatility are predicted in the market. All this will help you to effectively manage your trading strategy.