Trader is one of the best modern platforms for trading stocks, currencies and other instruments.

Trader – flexibility and comfort

The Trader trading platform has a very powerful system that considers orders and deals separately. Today there are two accounting formats:

  • Netting;
  • Hedging.

Depending on what goals you set for yourself, you can apply the immediate execution mode of the transaction, the execution mode on a preliminary request, according to the market, as well as the exchange mode. Also, absolutely all types of orders are available to you on the platform, including stop orders, as well as market and pending orders.

Possibility of technical and fundamental analysis in Trader5

The Traderplatform has one distinctive feature – a very strong analytical base, with the help of which you can simultaneously study up to one hundred different charts with up-to-date quotes of currencies and stocks.

You also have more than eighty different technical built-in indicators in your arsenal, more than a thousand in the Library, and if you haven’t found the required tool, you can quickly write your own using the MQL5 language. This greatly expands the analytical power of the system and you have the opportunity to look at quotes from various angles.

The ability to perform fundamental analysis will allow you to study in detail how production and economic data affect the stock market quotes.

What other features does Trader have?

In addition to all of the above, the Trader trading platform allows the following:

  • Read world news right in the platform and make appropriate decisions;
  • Analyze macroeconomic data in the economic calendar and predict their impact on quotes;
  • Copy successful deals of experienced traders – for this you just need to subscribe to a successful trader and the system will automatically reproduce the deals made by him;
  • The ability to trade in Trader on a mobile application on Android and iOS operating systems;
  • The platform application is available to work in any browser, on any operating system of your computer;
  • The ability to carry out algorithmic trading – automation of trading with the help of robots (advisors) that act on behalf of the trader, but without his participation: they analyze quotes and perform trading operations according to the algorithm of actions previously laid down in them.

It should also be noted that the platform has its own Trader Market, where you can buy or rent indicators or trading robots. Each product has a demo version – this allows you to test it before making a purchase. The purchased application can be used immediately in trading.

If you want to learn in detail how to work on the Trader platform, you just need to download the application on our website or go to its web version. The intuitive design of the platform will not confuse you, but, on the contrary, will tighten you with its convenience and benefit.